by Josh Druck
on November 14, 2011

"Best" Hire Ever?

To use a favorite quote from Austin Powers: “Allow myself to introduce… myself.”

My name is Michael Best, and I am the newest member of the PeopleLinx team. As I enter day one of the rest of my life, my new title is “Marketing and Operations Manager”, charged with increasing the marketing presence of PeopleLinx, while simultaneously improving our internal efficiency to better serve our growing client list.

Through my many responsibilities, I will likely interact with many of you on a daily basis. Feel free to get in touch with me at; I am looking forward to meeting you.

A bit more about me: I am a 2011 graduate of Villanova University where I majored in marketing and economics and earned

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a minor in entrepreneurship. I also spent six months abroad studying and working in Galway and Dublin, Ireland. I love to travel and have been to almost a dozen countries on

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three continents. Lastly, I am a HUGE sports fan and am as dumbfounded as all of you, I’m sure, as to how insanely bad the Eagles are this season. Getting back on topic, I am excited to be starting at PeopleLinx and am looking forward to proving I am the “best” hire ever.

PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.