by Nathan Egan
on September 29, 2010

B2B vs. B2C Social Media

If any category of business can truly be relieved about social media, it’s those in the Business-to-Business world. And here is why: A B2B social media strategy is much easier to execute, adjust and most importantly, measure ROI on.

Waittt… ROI on social media? Isn’t that one of the most debated topics in the space?

Yes, ROI on social media is heavily debated and for the B2C world, it should be. Measuring ROI based on engagement, click throughs, followers, etc. can be very tricky – especially if you’ve invested a lot of resources.

ROI should be measured in revenue generated, right?

Yes, it should.  Which is why Business-to-Business companies should be thrilled about social media. They don’t need to worry about conversations, engagement, community building, etc. – at least not on the surface. Upfront, all a smart B2B company needs to worry about is: Where are my BUYERS and how can my sales people connect with them? – That’s the low hanging fruit.

Once you’ve mastered the art of social media for sales and seen ROI (in the form of revenue) – then maybe start “experimenting” with a more robust, integrated strategy.

We will make a cautionary note: Rather than sending your sales people out “a-blazing” consider a custom training program aligned to your business objectives, brand, and that is well executed by real professionals. And yes, I am talking about us. If you can’t go the Freesource route, then just make sure they don’t go out “a-blazing”. In this low-friction space, it can be easy to connect with your target audience and even easier to connect with them poorly.

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