Nathan Egan, Co-founder of PeopleLinx and I were discussing how this exact question “are we there yet” can be just as painful and unproductive as if a sales rep badgers a buyer with a similar question; “Is the contract being reviewed by your legal department?” Or “Has procurement cut the Purchase Order?”

What if your kids figured out that they could get their answer if they changed their approach? Instead of the tired old “Are we there yet?” they asked: “Dad, when we get there, here is something valuable to consider.” Or “Mom, here’s why I am excited to get to aunt Suzie’s house…”.

Your sales reps should be no different. At PeopleLinx, we are trying to make it easier for your sales reps to interact with their clients and prospects in a way that is informative, non-threatening, timely and productive.

At this year’s‘s #DreamForce event PeopleLinx unveiled its new Salesforce integration that guides sales reps through the social selling process with a customized prescriptive methodology to increase social selling success.

The application is designed to allow our customers to define key “social” moments in their enterprise sales cycle based on CRM tracking. By incorporating “triggers” in our CRM (see integration that prompts a sales rep to take a social action at the correct time in their sales cycle.

We are also fresh off the heels of our CEB event in Las Vegas and the reception to this integration has been stellar! Sales Leaders agree that “Social Starts with CRM”.

The goal of combining Social and CRM is based upon years of working with our clients who have been searching for the elusive ROI proof. This methodology is not only going to raise the social relationship graph for our customers, but will ultimately prove the ROI that we all know lies behind social selling!

Here is a link to our speaker panel session:


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