by Josh Druck
on August 5, 2013

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

That’s the question that we asked ourselves recently when PeopleLinx opened its doors for our inaugural “Junior Entrepreneur Day.”

Since launching our PeopleThinx Fireside Chat speaker series, we’ve seen an impressive lineup of innovative thinkers and risk takers. In many cases, these storytellers reach back to high school or college days to demonstrate the first appearance of their entrepreneurial spark. But we had yet to hear about that spark, let alone see it in action, from someone just starting kindergarten. That is, until Junior Entrepreneur Day.

Thirteen extremely eager 4-8 year olds appeared on our doorstep at 8 AM ready for action.  Each parent introduced their child or children, and included one funny or interesting thing about them (Did you know Van Egan has been a train aficionado since he was six months old?!).

Our official junior entrepreneurs included:

  • Avery, Gavin, and Quinn Reigner
  • Pablo, Pilar, and Luca Strid
  • Van and Brook Egan
  • Gill and Ben O’Nell
  • Zachary, CeCe, and Benjamin Idinopulos

They first learned about entrepreneurship from PeopleLinx’s CEO Nathan Egan, and how the money they earned for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation would help sick children. Since none of the participants had the capital to start a company (gum and hot wheels didn’t count), they applied for a “loan” from Firstrust Bank, bought supplies with it, and started production.

They also created LinkedIn profiles and business cards to build their credibility as trustworthy and professional lemonade salespeople.

Once the stand was set and ready outside our office at 1835 Market, the junior entrepreneurs were very serious about recruiting every passerby as a lemonade buyer. They also sold raffle tickets to win a free PeopleLinx one-on-one session with a Social Business Specialist to make over their profile and learn how to use LinkedIn strategically.

Sales were brisk and $313 was raised for Alex’s Lemonade Stand (plus another $25 from Avery Reigner who set up her own stand the next day!). PeopleLinx made a matching donation.

So, are entrepreneurs born or made? The jury is still out, but what we can say is that all the kids had a great time, learned a lot, saw where their parents spend most of their time, and raised money for a great cause.

And, because of the rousing success of the day, we’re making this a biannual event. If you’re a startup or other emerging company in Philadelphia, don’t be surprised to see an invitation to have your kids come join us in the near future!


PeopleLinx has joined FRONTLINE Selling! Click here for the press release.