by Brynne Tillman
on April 20, 2016

7 Ways Inside Sales Teams Use LinkedIn to Accelerate Their Sales Process

Oftentimes Inside Sales Reps have a database of decision makers of organizations and their contact informations. They call, leave a message and if they have their email, follow-up with a canned message. And, although this can work, by leveraging LinkedIn and Social Selling to make some additional quick touches, amplify your brand and make things just a bit more personal, the Inside Sales Rep can begin to see even more success.

There is some pre-work, however. It’s vital to have a powerful profile that attracts, teaches and engages your targeted buyers. Make sure your focus moves from resume to resource, so when they do visit, you are offering content that gets them thinking differently about their current situation, company or industry. This will get them to want to take your call.

Here are 7 of the many ways Inside Sales Reps can have a significant impact on their conversation conversion rates.

  1. Position your profiles so you are seen as a subject matter experts because if your profile is simply your work history, there is no incentive or motivation for a prospect to return a call. When your profile acts as a resource that gets your prospects thinking differently about their situation, company or industry, they’re much more likely to want to take the time to talk with you.
  2. Open your prospect’s LinkedIn profile simultaneously to dialing and follow them. It isn’t a connection request, but they will see you looked at their profile and will receive a notification that you followed them–this is 2 additional touches. If you’ve positioned your profile well, it should help you to get a returned call.
  3. Look at their recent activity and “like”, share or comment on it. It takes 3 seconds and gets your face in front of them again. From their profile, click on the drop down next to the connect or message button and choose recent activity.
  4. Pull something from their profile that can help you build rapport. They know you’ve visited their profile so don’t be afraid to say something like, “When I visited your profile I noticed you went to Villanova – congrats on the big Basketball win!” This type of reference can warm up most any call.
  5. Identify all of the stakeholders within a targeted organization. Often Inside Sales Reps are given a name and contact information, but they may not be the only decision maker. In fact, we know from CEB that there are 5.4 decision makers on every enterprise sale opportunity. So, for a Rep to be really effective they should identify the other players. Visit LinkedIn company pages, click on the # of employees, drill down by the titles of potential stakeholders and begin to engage with them based on your cadence.
  6. Connect with the people you’ve talked with thanking them for their time and confirming any next steps you have established. Even if they aren’t interested, if they are indeed a viable decision maker, by connecting with them it makes it easy to keep in touch and stay top of mind through content and other engagement activities.
  7. Develop a cadence to follow that includes social selling along with calls and emails. When you make it simple for yourself to know what to do, how to do it and what and when to say it – you will do it.

BONUS: Follow on your prospect on Twitter. Some reps have 2nd twitter account that is branded for their company. They use it for sharing company content, following, engaging and retweet to stay relevant to your prospects.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your Inside Sales team can leverage LinkedIn better, we invite you to contact us, and one of our social selling experts will reach out to you.

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