by Euney Kim
on December 3, 2015

7 Best Social Networking Business Tools (And 7 Free Ways to Use Them)

There are numerous tools out there that claim to help you manage your social networks and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide which are a good fit for your business needs. We’ve sourced our favorite free tools to help you get started.

Here’s a list of 7 useful social networking business tools you may not be using (yet). – Clean up your long, ugly URL’s with the original link shortener.

Free and easy to use. All you have to do is copy your URL, go to the website, and paste it into the the top of the page. Click “shorten” and you’ll have automatically copied the shortened link. Not only is the cleaned up link easier on the eyes, but you can also track clicks and measure link performance by hours, days and geographical regions. Use the data to see what content works best for you and your network.

What you can do: Spy on your competition and monitor link stats. Simply add a plus ‘+’ symbol to the end of any link and you’ll get statistics for that shortened URL.

ManageFlitter & Tweepi – Optimize your Twitter network with web-based apps.

With ManageFlitter and Tweepi, you can quickly filter followers by a variety of criteria and unfollow those who don’t meet your standards. ManageFlitter’s free version will keep you within the limits of Twitter’s daily constraints of no more than 100 unfollows per day. Tweepi also allows you to unfollow people who are not following you back.

In addition to cleaning up your Following list, Tweepi has tools to help generate new followers by letting you search for people with similar interests.

What you can do with ManageFlitter: Everybody wants relevant connections. Otherwise it’s just noise, not a network. Use ManageFlitter to make sure you are connected to people that matter. They’re more likely to engage with your content.

What you can do with Tweepi: If you’re a motivational speaker looking for prospects on Twitter, a good place to start is following the people who follow your competition. With Tweepi, you can bulk follow @TonyRobbins’ complete list of followers. There’s a good chance people will follow back and you can bulk unfollow those who don’t.

Hootsuite – Manage your social networks and follow relevant topics and trends with one tool.

This is probably the most well-known tool on the list. You can use Hootsuite to manage multiple social networks, schedule posts, and set up social listening streams.

What you can do: Set up Hootsuite streams with keywords your prospects care about. In our case the hashtag “#SocialSelling” and the keyword “Social Selling”. See what’s trending in your industry. Next add a stream with your company name or Twitter handle. Stay on top of what people are saying about you. Lastly, follow event hashtags with Hootsuite. Even if you can’t attend the event, you can virtually “listen” along and participate in the conversation via Hootsuite. Don’t miss out!

Simply Measured – Analyze your brand across Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more with free reports.

From measuring your Instagram engagement, to seeing an in-depth analysis of  your Facebook visitor demographics, Simply Measured reveals a lot about almost any network to help your business grow.

What you can do: Connect your Twitter or Facebook account to see when all of your followers are online and determine the best posting times for your status updates. – Showcase other people’s content on social networks while driving traffic back to your own.

Sniply is a simple tool that allows you to place a custom message/call-to-action on any article you share.

You don’t have to own the content to add your message. You can appear on, Mashable, New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Forbes…basically any site you want.

What you can do: You already share great articles every day. Now’s your chance to attach a call-to-action to every piece of content you disseminate. Try to have your call to action be relevant to the article you shared to increase your CTR. Sniply is free! Use it on a piece of shared content today.

BuzzSumo – Find quality content to share with your connections.

BuzzSumo is a search engine, similar to Google, but supercharged to find amazing content. Enter a topic (or link) into BuzzSumo, and it will show you a list of relevant trending content from around the web. BuzzSumo displays everything in order of digital popularity. Share with confidence knowing it’s been vetted for quality and is already being shared on social more than any other posts about your topic.

What you can do: Use the insights BuzzSumo gives you to steer the content you create and share on social.

See a networking tool here that you might want to try? Any of your favorites that weren’t included? We’re always looking to build the list out with more useful business tools. We’d love your input. Tweet @PeopleLinx and share your favorites!

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