by Kathryn Gentile
on December 17, 2015

5 Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Search Results

LinkedIn offers users the classic search bar when looking prospects up. Easy, right? Not so much. Between basic and advanced, people and jobs, it’s easier to get confused than confident with your search results. Read below for some time-saving, life-hacking, tips and tricks for searching on LinkedIn.

1. Use Basic Search for finding simple things
Do you have a list with search criteria with 10 different key words? Basic search is not the answer. Use basic search for simple things, like a person’s name, a company, or an industry. Clicking on the list on the lift hand side of the search bar lets you know what information works in the basic search bar. Give it a try!

2. Quotations are your friend
Often times, we do searches on LinkedIn where we are looking for people who could have multiple titles. When using advanced search, make sure to use quotation marks around each title to avoid LinkedIn mistaking each title as one complete title. For example, in the title box on advanced search, type something such as: “President” OR “Vice President”. That way, your search will pick up profiles with matches to either of those titles. If you are looking for someone who has two titles, use AND in between to ensure you are tagging both.

3. Choose “location” wisely
Location seems like a simple fill in on advanced search, but there are actually two different options! On the left side column, there is “Location: Anywhere.” If you choose that drop down, you can actually choose “located in or near” and type in a zip code for those profiles or companies that may be located in the surrounding suburbs of metropolitan areas. The “location” option in the middle column is for three types of metropolitan areas; country, state, or city.

4. Save your searches
The best part about LinkedIn searches are the numbers of profiles that come with it, usually in the thousands. Don’t start scrolling though, because the site will only let you take a look at the first 100; 200 if you cough up the cash for a premium account. However, you can save your results which is a great plus. That way, if you aren’t finished checking them out, want to see them later or even pass the info along, you can choose “Save Search” in the top right corner of the page and set an alert for updates on the results if applicable.

5. Results act on a refreshing basis
Don’t start over! Did you forget one keyword or title for your search? Don’t do a complete refresh. On your results page, you’ll see the information brackets you can fill in if you forgot something. Drop what you need in and click search to get updated results. The same goes for if you want to take information out. For example, let’s say you don’t want to look at any group members in your results; just click on the “x” next to that word and watch the results repopulate themselves. Presto! Instant LinkedIn search results.

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