by Josh Druck
on July 9, 2014

5 Powerful Ways Reps Can Leverage Social for Selling

“It’s no longer a sales job; it’s a relationship job, and social is all about relationships.”

Joe Minnix, Head of Internal Sales at Allianz Global Investors

Social networks are particularly valuable for your sales team. A study found that sales reps using social media outsell 78% of their peers. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are all valuable selling tools for reps who know how to use them. No matter which tools they use, sales reps should leverage social networks to accomplish five main objectives according to social selling expert Jill Rowley:

  • Establish their credibility and professionalism with prospects through compelling social profiles.
  • Build relevant networks that keep them top-of-mind with prospects, customers, channel partners, and industry influencers.
  • Promote thought leadership that capture attention and attract inbound opportunities.
  • Listen to customers and prospects in order to understand needs, priorities, and topics of interest.
  • Measure social activity to assess value and refine approach.

The benefits of Employee Advocacy will go to sales managers who take a systematic approach to empowering their reps on social. While some reps have an intuitive feel for Employee Advocacy, most need (and want) guidance from their managers, who in-turn might need some help from your marketing team.

This article is an excerpt from our eBook written with Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer, Neal Schaffer, How to Build an Employee Advocacy Program“. To learn more about everything from measuring your employee advocacy ROI to better sales and marketing alignment, download the ebook here.

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