by Josh Druck
on June 23, 2014

[VIDEO] 5 Pillars of Social Selling

[UPDATE] In case you missed the Webinar, catch the video replay here:

Watch 5 Pillars

Social Selling may seem like a foreign language to you, but with the right technologies and training, it’s one of the most powerful concepts in business today, connecting and transforming the way sales teams generate leads and close deals.

Hosted by PeopleLinx’s very own Michael Idinopulosthe Webinar featured Social Selling evangelist and Forbes top 30 social salesperson Jill Rowley. Along with CEO of Find and Convert and host of the Social Business Engine show Bernie Borgeswe provided a fast and furious session explaining the “what”, “why” and “how” of Social Selling.

What is Social Selling all about…

  • The B2B buying process has changed
  • Problem: Your buyers are having a learning party without you…
  • 92% of B2B buyers start search on web
  • 57% of the B2B buying process done before engaging sales

Why is Social Selling so important…

  • 82% of the world’s online population can be reached by social networks 
  • Trust: Buyer to Company – 33% 
  • Trust: Buyer to Buyer – 92%

How to utilize Social Selling…

  • Social Selling Strategy: Culture, People, Process, Technology
  • Build your personal brand, optimize for the buyer; not the recruiter
  • PeopleLinx: Step-by-step profile guidance, Curated content sharing, CRM integration, Gamification
  • The 5 Pillars of Social Selling:
  1. Create a Personal Brand: Establish a professional presence on social networks including LinkedIn and Twitter.
  2. Always be Connecting: Socially surround the buyer, the buying committee and those who influencer buyers. 
  3. Content is Currency: Cut through the clutter, educate, build thought leadership. (You down with OPC?)
  4. Listen for Leads: Conversations are taking place online everyday….Listen, discover opportunities.
  5. Measure What Matters: Measure the quality and impact of your social selling activity.


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