by Brynne Tillman
on April 14, 2016

3 Strategies to Get Your Sales Reps to Develop Relevant Content

It isn’t just Marketing that needs to come up with the big ideas, it’s on the Sales Reps to do this too. Their expertise and thought leadership brings great value to the commercial insights your company can share with your stakeholders. Here are 3 strategies that can get your Reps involved and developing meaningful content that has a positive impact on social.

  1. Marketing should interview their sales reps. By showcasing the thought leadership and subject matter expertise within their team, they amplify the company’s brand, elevate the individual rep’s credibility and develop original content that provides value to your audience.
  2. Have your sales rep’s interview their clients. This is a powerful way to gain industry insights as well as company priorities and initiatives. Have them record the interview and send to marketing to create a positive piece that highlights your clients strengths and achievements. Be sure to include content that is interesting and relevant to your audience.
  3. Every month have each of your sales reps record and send marketing 1-3 questions that their clients ask and the answers they gave them. If one person cares about it, there is a good chance others will too.

Good content is so important in standing out amongst all the noise on social. If seen as a subject matter expert, your prospects will see your services and solutions as valuable as well. Consider going one step further and embrace the insights of your entire team and you will be thrilled with the level of content your company will produce.

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