by Brynne Tillman
on December 15, 2015

3 LinkedIn Profile Areas a Sales Professional Can Leverage to Get More Phone Calls

As a sales professional, your LinkedIn profile is not just your resume, but an opportunity for your prospects to understand the value you offer them. Whether you are actively attracting them to you or they stumble upon you, this is the first impression they will get, and the best opportunity to get them interested in talking with you. There are 3 key areas that are vital to converting a targeted visitor into a phone call:

1. Your headline is by bar far one of the most important areas on your entire profile as it shows up next to your photo in updates, connection requests, the inbox and more. Because it is so visible, make sure you headline isn’t screaming sales rep but value prop. At a glance your headline should connect with your target market and let them know quickly not just what you do, but how you can help them. You have 120 characters to get your story out, here is mine:

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2. Once you have them reading your summary, you need to deliver on the promise. Don’t tell them about your passion, mission or years in business, start by helping them right away. Provide so much value that they are taking notes and having “aha” moments. Then, once you have them at the edge of their seat let them know how you can help them and close for a phone call. This is the moment they want more – so be sure to ask. This is what I have on my LinkedIn summary:

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✔ Need better referrals from your networking meetings? Bring a list of who they know that you want to meet, and invite them do the same. Make targeted introductions for each other, it’s a game changer!

✔ Looking to be a thought leader in your industry? Directly target your content into the inbox of qualified prospects and create engagement through LinkedIn groups.

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3. Include case studies in your project section. Choose from clients that you not only did a great job for but ones that you want more of. These case studies will attract and engage people that relate to them, so be sure to focus on the case studies that are very similar to the types of clients you want to engage. Here are the 5 key sections that go into a case study:

  • Client information – if you have permission name and location is great, if you don’t industry will do.
  • Trigger – what is happening or has happened in their world that got them to call you, or take your call.
  • Challenge – why they couldn’t solve the problem on their own or with their current provider.
  • Solution – what you did to solve their problem.
  • Result – what did your client get out of their engagement with you.

Although there are many areas on your LinkedIn profile that are vital to position yourself as a thought leader and subject matter expert, these 3 are essential for attracting and engaging the right people and converting the visit to a phone call. I would love to see your headline and maybe share some ideas with you. Connect with me on LinkedIn and mention this post!

This is a guest blog post by Brynne Tillman, CEO of Social Sales Link. Brynne is a successful sales professional, sales trainer and coach spanning over 3 decades and author of a comprehensive workbook and guide, LinkedIn for Business Development. Read her other guest posts here.

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