by Bob Woods
on March 23, 2017

Social Selling: The Statistics

In researching our live Webinar I’ll be giving soon, I came across a lot of statistics about social selling. I mean… a lot of statistics. While I figure that having so many stats out there about social selling is a …

by Brynne Tillman
on March 16, 2017

Three Ways the New LinkedIn Connections Process Rocks

If you’ve been trying to conquer the learning curve with the new LinkedIn, you might have missed some of its wonderful new features. The process of making connections via an invitation is definitely one of them. This big change has …

by Brynne Tillman
on March 8, 2017

Seven Ways to Search Engine Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

When using LinkedIn for your sales efforts, being found there for what you do is crucial. Even more important, though, is to be found on Google because of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is among the top five sites that Google heavily indexes; YouTube, …

by Bob Woods
on March 2, 2017

Two LinkedIn Changes For the Better

Ever since LinkedIn decided to revamp its main platform, I’ve seen a lot of gnawing and gnashing of teeth about the changes. I think many of the improvements are, in fact, improvements. They really fixed the old platform and not …

by Brynne Tillman
on February 23, 2017

Advanced Searches in the New LinkedIn – A “Hack”

As the new LinkedIn interface rolls out, many users are frustrated about the loss of the Advanced Search feature. For the record, the premium LinkedIn platform Sales Navigator has a very robust advanced search engine called Lead Builder that I use for …

by Bob Woods
on February 16, 2017

Social Selling and Twitter DO Mix

Many salespeople and sales management types I have the privilege of coaching and training in Social Selling want to know all about LinkedIn—how to improve one’s Profile, how to find prospects on it, how to use it to take prospects …

by Brynne Tillman
on February 9, 2017

9 LinkedIn Ways to Get On Your Buyers’ Radar

Getting noticed is a challenge that many sales people face. Social selling certainly is an easy channel to help overcome that obstacle, and here are nine ways to get the attention of your targeted buyers: Visit their profiles. First, make …

by Brynne Tillman
on February 2, 2017

WARNING: You Need to Update Your Summary for the New LinkedIn

As the new LinkedIn UI/UX rolls out, your profile there is undergoing changes without you even knowing it. Now, though, you do. What’s more, these changes are happening even if you are still on the older version. There are many …

by Larry Levine
on January 26, 2017

Be a Proactive Next-Gen Sales Rep to Grow Sales Revenue

A proactive sales rep is the kind of individual who’s always looking into the future in order to be prepared for anything. A successful sales rep exerts self-discipline to be proactive on behalf of their prospecting efforts. This is in …

by Bob Woods
on January 18, 2017

Use the Engagement Funnel for Social Selling

If you’re in sales, you likely know what the typical sales funnel is and looks like. For those who don’t, it refers to the buying process that salespeople and companies lead prospects through when those people are buying products or …